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Shopify Merchants

Shop Hacker allows any Shopify merchant to add 1000s of elearning products to their store instantly.

  • Sell 1000s of elearning courses and bundles
  • Easily import unique elearning products directly into your store
  • Have your products electronically delivered to your customers

Looking for innovative products to sell online? Use the FREE Shop Hacker Shopify app.

Shop Hacker allows you to effortlessly add hundreds of elearning courses to your Shopify store. Don’t worry about long ship times, low-quality products, or dealing with logistics. Shop Hacker delivers the elearning products directly to your customers instantly and electronically.

Why should I use Shop Hacker?

  • Instant access to 1000s of curated best selling elearning courses and bundles
  • Import 100s of unique elearning bundles into your store
  • Set your own profit margins
  • Use our free elearning courses to increase your email list
  • No logistics with Shop Hacker products since everything is delivered electronically
  • No complexity around vendor payments since we take care of paying the vendor
  • The app is completely FREE!
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Why should I use Shop Hacker?

Easily Import eLearning Bundles and CoursesFrom coding elearning training bundles to excel training courses, you will be able to quickly add best selling courses to your Shopify store.

Automatic Order Fulfillment and Product DeliveryOnce the customer buys the product, Shop Hacker takes care of the rest. We deliver the product directly to the customer.

Grow Your Customer Database Through FreebiesShop Hacker gives you exclusive access to 100s of high quality free elearning courses. Quickly add these to your store to increase conversions and grow your email list. These freebies are the ultimate lead magnet

Product CustomizationEdit your Shop Hacker products as you like. Feel free to update titles, descriptions, images etc.

Simple FREE PricingThe Shop Hacker platform is free to use for merchants and vendors. Shop Hacker only generates a commission when a sale occurs. You focus on marketing and selling then let us take care of the rest as your partner.


Why would I want to sell digital products?

Being an ecommerce entrepreneur is tough in an Amazon driven world. Battling 1000s of merchants on price is a constant challenge. Add to the struggle low margins, logistical challenges, manufacturing issues and needless to say the ecommerce business is brutal.

Shop Hacker is here to help. By expanding your Shopify store into elearning course you are able to hack the system. No longer are you competing on price with every product.

Digital products are not nearly as saturated as physical products are in the ecommerce landscape. A majority of the products offered by Shop Hacker are not even sold on Amazon.

Digital products will differentiate you from the competition, allow you to expand globally, increase your email list and so much more.

Enter the digital age and expand your merchandise mix into the digital product category with Shop Hacker.

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How is Shop Hacker free?

All products on the Shop Hacker platform are marked up a certain percent. This is how we generate revenue and why we are able to make the app free for everyone.


What is my margin on any Shop Hacker products I sell?

Shop Hacker provides merchants with a cost per product and lets the merchant determine the sales price point. The default margin is set to 30%. That said mark the products up as much as you see fit. With digital goods you can have 50% gross margins and still be price competitive in the marketplace.


Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. If you ever decide that Shop Hacker is not the right solution for your business, simply uninstall the application from your Shopify store.


Will my customers know the products are from Shop Hacker?

Yes. Upon purchase customers will receive an email from Shop Hacker with their product purchase info and the associated redemption instructions.


Are Shop Hacker’s products below “market” prices?

Yes. You should be able to mark up the Shop Hacker product in your store by 30-50% and still be under the market sales price.


More Questions?

If you’d like to email us, reach out to us here.