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Shop Hacker helps merchants add exciting unique digital products, bundles, and freebies to their ecommerce store

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Quickly Import Digital Products

Import best selling digital products right to your ecommerce store using the Shop Hacker app. Find products you want to import, publish to your online store, and start selling directly to your customers.



Access 1000s of best selling curated digital products

From web development elearning training bundles to top rated password management software, you will be able to instantly have a world class digital focused merchandise mix for your ecommerce store. The types of digital products offered on the Shop Hacker platform are elearning courses, PC/Mac software, software-as-a-service subscriptions, desktop games, and design assets.

Generate More Profit and Build Your Business

We are in the digital age yet most ecommerce retailers only sell physical products. Shop Hacker allows you to enter the digital ecommerce world instantly and for free. Digital products have less operational burden since there is no shipping and returns are a breeze. Digital products can also be seamlessly distributed to customers around the world allowing you to expand globally overnight with Shop Hacker.



Create Your Own Custom Branded Bundles

Using the Shop Hacker Shopify app you can create your own bundles exclusively for your store. Mix and match software, elearning courses, and games to create innovative bundles for your customers.

Set Your Own Profit Margins

Shop Hacker provides you a cost per product/bundle and lets you determine the sales price point. Mark it up as much as you see fit.

Profit margins


Grow Your Customer Database Through Freebies

Shop Hacker gives you exclusive access to 100s of high quality free digital products. Quickly add these to your merchandise mix to increase conversions and growth your email list. These freebies are the ultimate lead magnet.