How Payments Work

Shop Hacker strives to be a low cost service for all our stakeholders: end users, vendors, and merchants.


Vendors provide a cost to Shop Hacker then Shop Hacker marks up that product 30%. This product cost plus the markup is the cost offered to Shop Hacker merchants.

Shop Hacker has 2 pricing tiers for vendors to opt into:

Standard Pricing:

Solo Product Sales

  • Vendor sets cost they want to receive per unit sold. Vendor will always receive this amount per individual/solo product sold
    • An individual product sale is when the Vendor’s product was sold individually and not in a bundle

Bundle Product Sales

  • Vendor sets cost they want to receive per unit sold. Vendor’s cost is divided by 4 anytime they are placed into a bundle. Vendor will always receive this cost divided by 4 for each bundle sold.

Exclusive Pricing:

  • By opting into this special program Vendor agrees Shop Hacker can cost the Vendor’s products at any cost in order to drive maximum sales
    • Typically we aim to deliver a cost no lower than $1 per product sold

Vendor Payment Terms:

All vendors are paid on Net 30.

Payments are sent monthly via PayPal and are bulk payments.

For example a sale occurring on January 15th will be paid out on February 28th.



All Shop Hacker products sold by the Merchant will be marked up 30% from the cost provided by the Vendor.

There are no other direct fees incurred by the Merchant to be part of the Shop Hacker network.

Obviously Merchants have costs associated with promoting and selling the Shop Hacker products such as advertising and processing fees.

Payment Terms

Merchant payment terms vary by merchant. Typically merchants are billed by Shop Hacker at the end of the month for all Shop Hacker products sold in that month.


Users are transacting through one of Shop Hacker’s merchants. They are paying the merchant directly for their digital product or bundle.

Unless payment occurs directly on (Shop Hacker’s learning management system), users are not paying Shop Hacker directly for their product.