Build your own eLearning

Shop Hacker helps elearning instructors create their own course marketplace with 1000s of courses, bundles, and freebies

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Quickly Create Your Own Course Marketplace

Choose from one of our “pre-built” store collections such as Cyber Security Shop or Web Developer Academy to instantly add 100s of courses and bundles to your shop with 1-click.



Access 1000s of best selling curated elearning courses

Generate More Profit and Build Your Course Marketplace Business

Why should only venture-backed companies with 100s of employees control the course marketplace ecosystem? It is challenging to build your own course marketplace as there are a lot of variables such as development, sales, on-boarding new content etc. Let Shop Hacker do the dirty work. You focus on developing your content and marketing your own course marketplace.



Create Your Own Custom Branded Bundles

Using the Shop Hacker app you can create your own bundles exclusively for your ecommerce store. Mix and match software, elearning courses, software-as-a-service products, and design assets to create innovative bundles for your customers. Or just create your own course bundles based off your niche. With Shop Hacker you can now build an endless number of unique custom branded bundles for your customers.

Set Your Own Profit Margins

Shop Hacker provides you a cost per course/bundle and lets you determine the sales price. Mark it up as much as you see fit.

Profit margins


Grow Your Customer Database Through Freebies

Shop Hacker gives you exclusive access to 100s of high quality free digital products. We have 100s of best selling eLearning courses that are top paid courses on major platforms but now you can give them away for free. Quickly add these freebies to your course marketplace to increase conversions and growth your email list.

Seamlessly Integrate Courses Into Your Existing eCommerce Store or Instructor Website

If you want to build your course marketplace on Shopify we have a native Shopify app which you can see here. For any instructors who would prefer not to use Shopify we have a robust web app that will integrate with your existing store, blog, or instructor site.