About Us

Shop Hacker is a team of ecommerce executives, elearning instructors, and hackers, who are passionate about the digital ecommerce world. We believe digital ecommerce is massively powerful yet currently underutilized by most ecommerce stores.

Our mission is to empower digital entrepreneurship around the world.

For our merchants we promise to deliver you world class digital goods at competitive prices. We promise that our technology solutions, tools, and support will help you build a bigger more profitable ecommerce store.

For our vendors we promise to drive consistent meaningful sales by getting your products on quality ecommerce stores. We promise that you will always be paid on time and have detailed analytics around your products sales on the Shop Hacker network.

The principles that have shaped the Shop Hacker vision are:

  • Personal
  • Open
  • Collaborative

Personal - Shop Hacker is a fully customized solution. If a merchant just wants to add one of our free products to their store, great as we support that. If a merchant wants to create their own bundles with 100+ products, that totally works for us. The Shop Hacker platform was designed to be completely customizable and personal for our merchant partners.

Open - Shop Hacker is a self serve platform. Shop Hacker is 100% free to use for vendors, merchants, and users. The Internet is free and open and so is Shop Hacker. We will never charge a subscription fee for our platform. For the most part, anyone can add their digital product to the Shop Hacker network. Same goes with merchants, as any ecommerce site across the globe can use Shop Hacker for free. We believe an open self serve platform will drive adoption and innovation.

Collaborative - Shop Hacker is a marketplace of digital vendors and ecommerce merchants. We combine this market with our customers. From there the Shop Hacker team sources digital products, sets up new merchant partners, and builds technology to facilitate all of this collaboration. We are here to collaborate with our partners in order to improve the businesses of all parties involved. We look forward to creating the future together with you.